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North American NEMA motor manufacturer supports students of employees

May 29, 2024
ABB awards nationwide scholarships

ABB, a NEMA motor manufacturer in North America, awarded scholarships to 16 students for the 2024-2025 academic year. A total of $58,000 was awarded. This initiative supports the educational aspirations of upcoming professionals whose parents are employed by U.S. ABB Motor and Mechanical.

These scholarships, valued between $3,000 and $5,000, provide financial aid to students pursuing undergraduate, vocational or technical school degrees. These scholarships are funded by the Baldor Foundation.

Recipients were selected based on academic achievements, extracurricular involvement and students’ commitment to community service. Each recipient exhibits exceptional potential and a strong desire to attain higher education to make positive contributions to society.

“This scholarship program is one of the many ways we demonstrate our appreciation to our employees,” said Jesse Henson, president of ABB’s NEMA Motors Division. “Investing in what matters most to them—the future of their children—is a priority for ABB. It is an honor to play a part in helping their children achieve their dreams.”

The recipients of the 2024 ABB Motor and Mechanical Scholarships are:

  • Arianna Brown, University of Alabama, $3,000
  • Miranda Felt, Clemson University, $5,000
  • Jalyn Ford, University of Arkansas at Fort Smith, $5,000
  • Devon Holland, University of Oklahoma, $3,000
  • Caitlyn Luttrell, Oklahoma State University, $4,000
  • Richney Nguyen, Emory University, $3,000
  • Vu Nguyen, Georgia Institute of Technology, $4,000
  • Benjamin Pierce, University of North Georgia, $4,000
  • Shwetha Rajmohan, University of Southern California, $4,000
  • Lauren Redding, University of Arkansas, $5,000
  • Brandon Stewart, University of Arkansas, $3,000
  • Kasia Thurber, Northeastern State University, $3,000
  • Stephanie Trinh, University of North Georgia, $3,000
  • MacKenzie Williams, East Mississippi Community College, $3,000
  • Emma Womack, Anderson University, $3,000
  • Karson Womack, Clemson University, $3,000

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