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Motor/drive providers coalesce into 360-degree partner program

June 4, 2024
SEW-Eurodrive and Malloy Electric embark on engineering sales and service partnership

Malloy Electric, based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, known for its expertise in the industrial, water and wind sectors, has joined forces with SEW-Eurodrive for an engineering, services and sales initiative across the Midwest. The new coalition, called the 360-degree partner program, will promote three ideals in both companies: the commitment to bring the most outstanding service, knowledge and energy to new and existing customers.

“It is an exciting time,” proclaimed SEW-Eurodrive Vice President Rainer Blickle. “As Malloy expands into new markets and geographies, the best partners like SEW-Eurodrive become significantly more important. Not just because of the growth but also because of the rare commitment to jointly serve the customer. We will do something amazing.”

As the first 360-degree partner in the Midwest, Malloy Electric is equally optimistic. “The collaboration between Malloy and SEW-Eurodrive underscores a shared vision for excellence between the companies,” said Colin Bretsch, vice president of Malloy Electric. “For Malloy’s customers, the partnership lets us focus on innovation, reliability and efficiency, advancing production and reducing downtime, increasing the bottom line.”

SEW-Eurodrive plans to roll the 360-degree partner program out to a small select group of distributors in the coming months, learning a great deal from early adopters like Malloy as the co-created journey ensues.

Founded in 1931, SEW-Eurodrive is headquartered in Bruchsal, Germany. With subsidiaries in 56 countries, the company has 22,000 employees. The fourth-largest foreign subsidiary is headquartered in Lyman, South Carolina, in the United States. Almost 1,000 employees are spread across eight sites in the United States.

Founded in 1945, Malloy Electric is an applications-driven, independent distributor and service provider. Malloy is known for electric motor repair, accommodating sizes up to 14,000 hp across locations in South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and Wyoming. Malloy’s foundation is in three distinct disciplines: industrial, water and wind.

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