Sean Vincent, FCG director of technology programs, and Dr. Peter Bradley, ABB sales director Americas for instrumentation, during the certificate handover ceremony at ABB’s US facility in Houston/Texas

Ethernet-APL certification continues to expand

June 28, 2024
ABB flowmeters receive FieldComm Group Ethernet-APL certification
FieldComm Group (FCG), based in in Austin, Texas, has approved physical layer conformity of ABB’s first vortex flowmeter (VortexMaster FSV400) and swirl flowmeter (SwirlMaster FSS400) with APL communication interfaces, following a comprehensive series of tests. Ethernet-APL—IEEE 802.3gc or 10Base-TL1—is a member of the family of Ethernet standards, providing full Ethernet and TCP/IP connectivity in hazardous environments at 10 Mbit/s for field instruments over fieldbus Type A cables, such as those installed in many process plants around the world.
FieldComm Group and ABB are founding members of the APL project, working on technology development, standardization and product testing and certification since 2015 along with other companies and organizations.
“Product certification is a significant cornerstone for assuring superior product quality and interoperability in industrial communication networks”, said Paul Sereiko, director of marketing and product strategy at FCG.
“For ABB, this certificate is an important milestone on our journey toward a fully digitalized instrumentation and network-centric architecture,” said Tilo Merlin, platform manager for instrumentation and head of APL development program, ABB Measurement & Analytics. “Getting this certificate means we can be quick in rolling out APL technology to other instruments based on the same platform. More specifically, pressure and temperature instrumentation is expected in 2025.”
Physical layer conformity was approved for ABB’s VortexMaster FSV400 SwirlMaster FSS400.

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