OMAC updates packaging automation guidelines


Aug 07, 2006

     Connect and Pack

The OMAC Packaging Workgroup (OPW) recently released its updated Guidelines for Packaging Automation, Version 3.1, which includes guidelines for PackAL. This is an application library of common software elements used in packaging machinery applications, and was developed by OPW’s PackSoft subgroup.

OPW provides a forum where packagers, machine builders, and technology providers can work together on advanced packaging machinery automation problems and solutions. The workgroup also has adopted a “Connect and Pack” logo to mark its effort to promote industry standards and guidelines to facilitate plug-and-play packaging machines.

OPW’s other subgroups, working on different aspects of its guidelines include:

  • PackSoft, which develops programming guidelines like PackAL
  • PackML, which is working on a common machine language, including a machine-state model and PackTags, which is a tag-naming guideline
  • PackConnect, which is developing industry network standards required for packaging applications
  • PackLearn, which promotes educational needs in packaging automation
  • PackAdvantage, which promotes the business benefits of the OPW guidelines

The guidelines consist of one document that combine the work of these subgroups. As the subgroups complete work, their guidelines are submitted to OPW’s executive committee for approval. The executive committee is made up of users, technology providers, and machine builders, who are elected to the committee by their peer group. The executive committee will authorize periodic updates to the guidelines to incorporate the approved changes.

Several technology providers and machine builders already have adopted OPW’s guidelines, and are incorporating them in their products. Some users also are specifying OPW guidelines on the packaging machines they buy.

Download a copy of OPW’s Guidelines.