OEM Can Now Integrate High-Performance Stepper Technology Without Re-Certification

Source: ControlDesign.com

Jan 17, 2012

Kollmorgen's POWERMAX II series stepper motors, are now UL recognized. This enables OEMs who build UL-certified equipment to integrate high-performance stepper technology into existing designs without requiring re-certification. These NEMA 23 (60 mm) step motors are available in half, single and two stack configurations, and provide holding torques from 42 to 253 oz-in. Speeds up to 3000 RPM more than satisfy the velocity demands of most high torque applications.

According to Josh Inman, Product Manager, UL recognition on high-performance step motors is a relative rarity. Machine builders who might benefit from this technology, sometimes have to decide between choosing moderate performance steppers or other motor options that are less than ideal for the application.  

"UL recognition of Kollmorgen's POWERMAX II step motors is significant," said Inman. "It enables OEMs whose machines need to be UL-certified to improve machine operation with high-performance steppers, without having to re-submit their equipment to UL for re-certification,” Inman explained.