Robotic Valet Changes Parking Rules at German Airport



Jul 02, 2014

Have you ever had a plane to catch but didn't have time to find parking at the airport?

Soon, travelers at Duesseldorf airport in Germany will be able to leave their vehicles with a valet service—a robot valet service.

One robot, whose name is Ray can be booked through a smartphone.

A spokesman, Thomas Koetter, at the airport say travelers can leave their cars in a designated area, confirm they have exited the vehicle and they are ready to go.

The robot will take the car to one of the vacant 249 parking spaces.

Koetter says the forklift-like machine can carry any standard car weighing up to 3 metric tons (3.31 tons) and is fully insured.

This service costs 29 eurors, or $39.43 a day and targets busy business travelers, but is available to anyone.

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