Wago Celebrates 35th Anniversary in North America

Source: Wago

By Wago

Oct 07, 2014

On September 21st, Wago Corporation celebrated 35 years of operational excellence in the North American marketplace.

Wago made its initial entry into the North American marketplace in 1979 with its Cage Clamp technology.

Tom Artmann, President of Wago, North America said the company faced a lot of initial resistance since the industries had adopted what today is called a global standard.

But when Wago entered the market, they revolutionized electrical interconnect technology, and that same drive continues to produce innovations in interface and automation technologies.

"We've grown from three employees to well over 150 today and we've added thousands of new products," says Artmann.

Uniquely Structured for Success

Artmann attributes a large part of Wago's success to being a family owned company that continues to operate and makes investments into the future. This also means maintaining a strong commitment to Wago's global workforce.

Along with product innovation Wago is also focused on growing its North American facilities and expanding their Automation product line.

"There are many avenues for expansion in the automation sector with technology changing rapidly," Artmann added. "And we are looking forward to our 40th anniversary."