New STEM Scholarship Opportunities

By Katherine Bonfante

Jan 06, 2015

It is a known fact that the skills gaps in the automation sector keeps widening with each passing year, but thanks to innovative programs like FIRST Robotics, Afterschool Alliance and their STEM Ed Initiatives, American Society for Engineering Education, and the different corporations like Endress+Hauser who have instituted and sponsored different STEM programs, the large skills gap that currently exists, will someday be nonexistent.

Our government and educational institution know that STEM careers are the foundation of our economy. In order for our economy to prosper and grow, younger generations need to move into STEM fields, however, the majority of today's students don't know about STEM careers or don't find them interesting, and therefore, the government, educational institutions and corporations need to entice future generations into this field.

To motivate future generations, STEM clubs, educational programs and scholarships have been created. Learn about some of the ways large corporations are helping future generations enter STEM fields.