Sercos PlugFest 2015 welcomes technology providers, automation manufacturers


Nov 09, 2015

Sercos International, supplier of the Sercos automation bus, welcomed approximately 25 technology providers and automation manufacturers to the 16th PlugFest in mid-October.

The two-day event was held at Bosch Rexroth AG in Erbach (Odenwald), Germany.

In total, approximately six master and 19 slave implementations were subjected to intensive tests. Numerous new Sercos III devices were tested, including servo drives and frequency converters, peripheral components for CIP Safety and also a SoftMaster implementation. Additionally, comprehensive network configurations were performed with slaves of different manufacturers using the existing Sercos master devices.

“The PlugFest continues to receive an outstanding reception from the Sercos community," said Peter Lutz, managing director of Sercos International. "It offers all manufacturers a very good opportunity to test new products as well as product updates comprehensively with devices of third-party manufacturers. The opportunity to test extensive multi-vendor structures is also very well received by the control manufacturers.”

The date has already been set for the 17th PlugFest. It will take place at Festo AG und Co. KG in Esslingen-Berkheim, Germany, from May 11 to 12, 2016.

For more information, visit the Sercos website.