Control Software

TenneT achieves greater efficiency with new software platform


By Aaron Hurd

Jun 03, 2015

cd1506 tennetworkerAucotec, the Hanover-based engineering system house has gained a new customer software platform Engineering Base (EB). 

TenneT expects to see increased efficiency in terms of its engineering through the database-driven nature of the software and the related considerably higher degree of standardization of its data. Their choice was also reinforced by some of TenneT's suppliers already using EB for documentation purposes. 

Aucotec is assisting the migration through the regular exchange of information, by supporting data transfers and developing further additions. Transmission system operators can rest easy knowing that the previously used, more proven tool, Ruplan EVU, will still be available, too.

In a pilot project, TenneT was able to reduce the number of project templates and typicals by about two-thirds using optimized variant management. The standardization and reduction in master data maintenance succeeded in shortening the planning time alone by around 20%. There is hope that those numbers can improve even more in the future.

Upon announcing the decision, Aucotec Executive Officer Markus Bochynek said: "TenneT is very important to us as a partner. We have known each other for a long time and we are now particularly pleased that we have won over this future-oriented company, which is a pioneer in the improved supply of renewable energies, with the modern concept of our platform."