Control System Integrators Association announce new board member, Sage Automation CEO

Source: Control System Integrators Association

Oct 05, 2016

Adrian Fahey, CEO of Sage Automation, has joined the board of directors at the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA). Fahey will finish the term vacated by Optimation's Diane Trentini, who resigned as the result of a career change. The Melrose Park, Australia-based Sage has been a member of the not-for-profit, global professional association since 2001 and is one of the largest control system integration companies in the country.

“Sage Automation truly understands the value they receive from actively participating as CSIA members,” said board chairman Mike Miller from ESCO Automation. “Every year, Sage sends a large contingent from Australia to the CSIA executive conference. Their membership is marked by consistent and enthusiastic networking, applying best practices and maintaining certification. Fahey’s leadership at Sage, his passion for CSIA and his overall presence on the global stage will make a great addition.”

For Fahey, the biggest benefit to being a CSIA member is the opportunity to engage with and benchmark against leading integration companies. “The Australian market is a lot smaller than in the United States,” Fahey said. “We tend to be much more guarded about sharing information. The openness we have observed and been able to participate in as members of CSIA has been outstanding.”

With Fahey joining, the association continues to grow CSIA’s international presence. CSIA has members in 27 different countries, and Certified members are headquartered on every continent except Antarctica.

Fahey joins the following other CSIA board members:

CSIA was founded in 1994 and currently has over 500 members in 27 countries, with its headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. CSIA also hosts the Industrial Automation Exchange to connect manufacturers and clients with the system integrators and suppliers who can meet their automation needs.