Opto 22 partners with Dell for IoT app development

Source: Opto 22

Nov 29, 2016

Opto 22 has joined the Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program, aiming to provide a product and solution ecosystem for connecting real-world signals and industrial things to the digital world of information technology, mobile, and cloud computinghopefully making the IoT smarter.

Dell’s IoT Partner Program is designed to bring together tech and services companies to help them ready for this change. Partners are qualified to integrate industrial IoT hardware such as edge gateways and embedded PCs into full IoT solutions. Opto 22’s addition to the program brings a toolset for IoT application developers that brings together an industrially ruggedized hardware platform, data visualization for mobile and web clients, industrial automation protocol support including Modbus/TCP and OPC UA, and data flow processing with software development environments like Node-RED.

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