Schneider awards customer innovation at Maximize Return on Assets Conference

Source: Schneider Electric

Nov 10, 2016

Schneider Electric, the global energy management and automation specialist, recognized the accomplishments of several of its customers. The customers received awards at the Maximize Return on Assets conference held in Chicago, Illinois, based on their innovative approaches to optimizing asset utilization, reducing unscheduled downtime and improving performance.

AEP received the Avantis PRiSM Fossil Catch of the Year Award for early identification of damage to a turbine blade in a power generation unit. The catch saved an estimated $17.5 million in cost avoidance.

New York Department of Environmental Protection was a co-recipient of the Avantis Excellence Award for continuous improvement in optimizing best practices and work order processing to ensure its treatment plants run safely and efficiently.

Having deployed Avantis in 1991, Rayonier Advanced Materials received the Milestone Award for 25 years of Avantis Partnership.

Tennessee Valley Authority received the Avantis PRiSM Nuclear Catch of the Year Award for early warning to detect a failing condensate booster pump, saving an estimated $1 million of cost avoidance.

Western Refining was a co-recipient of the Avantis Excellence Award for implementing several innovations that streamlined processes and operations across refining and pipeline operations.

Wipro Limited received the eDNA Innovation Award for developing several advanced applications for National Grid UK’s gas transmission system.

“Every day our customers amaze us with their innovative applications of our Enterprise APM solutions and the cost savings made possible through our platform,” said Rob McGreevy, vice president of information, operations and asset management at Schneider Electric. “Our customers are leveraging Industrial Internet of Things applications to drive greater return on assets and deliver significant results to their businesses and their customers.”

Schneider’s Enterprise APM platform is used by companies in the power, oil and gas, water wastewater, metals, mining and minerals and other industries to close the loop between business and operations in an end-to-end platform that allows for open integration.