Universal Robots Academy launches free robot-programming training online

Source: Universal Robots

Feb 27, 2017

Universal Robots has released new academy modules that teaches basic robot programming free of charge. The collaborative robot experts had a soft launch at IMTS, but now the full program is available. The launch is relatively unprecedented, making quality, interactive teaching material on cobots free.

According to Universal Robots, learning how to set up and program a collaborative robot no longer depends on real life access to a robot or a training class. Instead, anybody with a desire to learn the concepts of cobots can log in to the Universal Robots Academy to begin mastering basic programming skills.

"This is a long-term investment for us," CTO and founder of Universal Robots, Esben Østergaard says. "We want to raise the robot literacy and the reason for speeding up the entry of cobots is not only to optimize production here and now."

The six training modules are available in English, Spanish, German, French and Chinese and are made up of the basic programming training for Universal Robot robots. This includes configuring end-effectors, connecting I/Os, creating basic programs in addition applying safety features to an application.