Voith and Franka Emika form Voith Robotics joint venture

Apr 19, 2018

The technology company Voith and the robotics company Franka Emika have entered into a strategic partnership to establish a joint venture called Voith Robotics – A Voith and Franka Emika Company. The company, with headquarters in Munich, is to become a global system supplier for robot-assisted automation. Voith Robotics will offer self-teaching lightweight robots made by Franka Emika, along with software solutions, apps, services and process consulting, to customers in various industries and markets throughout the world.

As part of the strategic partnership Voith will also have a direct stake in Franka Emika. Martin Scherrer, formerly a member of the board of management of Voith Paper, will be the new chief executive officer of Voith Robotics, which is to be managed by Voith.

The new joint venture will be presented to the public for the first time at Hannover Messe.

“By bringing together a young company with its unique product portfolio and an experienced, family-owned and world-wide engaged company with a global network, we are creating a role model for Industry 4.0,” said Franka Emika CEO Simon Haddadin. “We will be able to offer customers throughout the world a fantastic combination of exceptional services and support, based on superb technologies.”

“Through its strategic partnership with Franka Emika, Voith has taken the logical next step in its digital agenda," said Stephan Schaller, president and CEO of Voith. “Franka Emika and Voith complement each other in an ideal manner by combining robotics, artificial intelligence and digital apps for users in various target markets with our know-how in automation and processes.”