Newark element14 is now Newark, An Avnet Company

Mar 01, 2019

Beginning March 1, Newark element14 will change its name to Newark, An Avnet Company. Known as Newark since it was established in 1934, this change is meant to highlight the relationship with its customers and its role in the Avnet eco-system and is sure to allow more research to be shared to the engineering community.

Newark became a part of Avnet when parent company Premier Farnell was acquired in 2016. Brands within Avnet’s overall ecosystem are now being brought together to provide a comprehensive solution for both customers and suppliers. Through a number of acquisitions, Avnet has grown its capabilities to enable product makers to manage the entire product lifecycle – from idea to global distribution. Avnet now has the capabilities to support every stage of the product lifecycle and offers true end-to-end solutions in-house that follow an idea from prototype to mass production.

According to Newark, customers no longer have to identify, review and onboard a new partner at every phase of their product production. Instead by working with Newark and Avnet, customers have one partner throughout their product development cycle. 

Newark was first established in 1934 as Newark Electronics and joined AC Farnell in Europe in 1996 to become Premier Farnell. The company was the first to launch an online community, element14, for engineers, which now brings together over 600,000 members to create new and exciting electronics designs, and then share their process so others can learn from them. Newark was rebranded Newark element14 in 2008.

Farnell element14 in Europe will also change its name to Farnell, An Avnet Company.