Plus One Robotics expands operations at Port San Antonio

Apr 25, 2019

Plus One Robotics, a developer of artificial intelligence and sensor technology that allows industrial robots to learn and adapt in dynamic environments, is growing at Port San Antonio

The San Antonio-based firm is more than doubling its research, prototyping and administrative operations from 4,000 to more than 10,000 square feet at Port San Antonio—the large technology campus just southwest of the city’s downtown. The company will also expand its workforce to more than 30 employees, including engineers and business development personnel.

Based at the Port since 2018, Plus One develops 3D-vision and artificial intelligence robotics software used by industrial, logistics and e-commerce operations around the world.

According to Plus One, its technology can be integrated into any brand of existing industrial robots. Unlike traditional robots that can only accomplish a limited range of pre-programmed tasks, units outfitted with Plus One’s suite can adapt to changing industrial environments and adjust to situations such as surges in volume and packages of variable types and sizes in large logistics operations.

"Every major manufacturing operation in the country has a large flow of materials through their facility," said company co-founder Erik Nieves. "Our products help them optimize the handling of those processes. We see a true world of opportunities for the application of these innovations. With increased global demand for the production and delivery of goods, there is a bright future ahead for technologies that make those processes more efficient—assuming repetitive functions and allowing people to transition to more engaging and sophisticated work, including the continuous improvement of the systems we’re developing."

Plus One’s technology has garnered attention from both industries that rely on robotics and the investment community. The company secured $8.3 million second round funding led by Pritzker Group Venture Capital and Zebra Technologies in the fall of 2018. That investment was in addition to Plus One Robotics’ first round of funding in the amount of $2.4 million.