Linear Motion

Jumpstart customized machines with standard linear-motion configurations

May 22, 2023
A standardized compact assembly can include motion-control modules

Machine builders’ need to customize equipment is revved up by miniaturization trends driving more complex linear-motion systems. But original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can get a jumpstart on customization with standard configurations that are already available.

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A standardized compact assembly can include motion-control modules such as a stepper motor with an integrated lead screw; a load-bearing nut that rides across the lead-screw threads; carriage blocks and linear bearings that travel with the nut to support the load; or round/profile rails that provide additional guidance and support, anchored by end blocks and motor support blocks.

Small systems like these are often pre-configured for integration. Learn how to reduce time and costs with standard assemblies for customized motion-control systems in this article from our Endeavor Business Media partner publication, Machine Design.