7 ways to make sure your motor measures up

Aug. 7, 2015
Check out our roundup of helpful motor articles to make sure your motor measures up.

Are you taking care of your motor? Are you avoiding failures? Are you practicing energy efficiency?

Don't suffer from total motion control failure. Check out our roundup of helpful motor articles to make sure your motor measures up.

1. Soft starters bring motors up to speed in a controlled fashion

The use of a soft starter can help save mechanical wear-and-tear and could save money in other ways. Read more.

2. How to raise motor efficiency

To paraphrase the Duchess of Windsor, a motor can never be too efficient. However, striving for more efficiency can entail examining everything from motors to entire systems. Read more.

3. When industrial steppers measure up

Selecting the right stepper motor—or any stepper motor at all—comes down to answering some questions about what's to be moved, how fast to move it and with what precision. After that, other factors such as cost and suitability to a given environment should be considered. Read more.

4. Profit from motor management best practices

Upgrading to more energy-efficient motors can be an important step to improve a facility's equipment reliability, increase productivity, and reduce downtime and repair costs. Read more.

5. Industrial motor efficiency and more

The gains might be small and the cost differential large if you change from a premium to a super-premium, or high-efficiency, motor. The extra expense can be worth it, though, given the duty cycle. However, other motor capabilities, such as being able to run efficiently enough at an appropriate and variable speed, might offer an even better payoff. Read more.

6. Three specifications, or so, for motor choice

When it comes to electric motors, there's a seemingly bewildering array of choices to the uninitiated eye. Machine builders can pick among brushless dc, cored and coreless dc, and stepper motors, and that can just be the offerings of a single vendor. Throw in the entire universe of motor makers and it's enough to lead to a specification nightmare. Read more.

7. Gain the upper hand with energy-smart machine design

Customers know the financial, operational and environmental advantages of energy efficiency. Machine builders are responding with smarter, more efficient technologies. Read more. 

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