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How to convert Gray Code to a decimal for position feedback

April 13, 2021
Change system configurations to ease the process

A Control Design reader writes: What automated hardware or software is available for converting Gray Code from older encoders into a decimal for position feedback? What types of affordable options are there for replacing those encoders with something more modern?

Replace vs. keep

The challenge when upgrading machines is always, “What can I replace vs. what can I keep?” When converting a machine to new components, the answer depends on your overall requirements. Are you willing to make changes to your system configuration, or are you planning on keeping things as exact as possible? In either case, we offer functions and tools to make this process easier. 

Our PLCs are capable of receiving binary data (Gray Code) as a digital input. In this case, the number of bits determines the number of inputs required. For example, a 4-bit encoder requires four digital inputs. The PLC has a specific function that will then interpret and process this data for whatever purpose. In a case where an encoder needs to be directly connected to the servo amplifier, we would ask to upgrade the encoder to a compatible protocol such as Mitsubishi Serial, Biss-C, EnDat 2.2, or A/B phase differential line driver.

DAN ZACHACKI / senior product marketing engineer / Mitsubishi Electric

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