Programmable Posital encoders support fractional PPR

Feb. 5, 2024

Posital’s IXARC programmable incremental rotary encoders can be configured to deliver fractional pulse rates (fractional PPR). These devices can be programmed to transmit a single pulse for more than one shaft revolution—for example, a PPR of 0.125 would correspond to one signal pulse for eight shaft rotations. They can also be set up to deliver pulse rates that are not even multiples of the number rotations—a PPR of 3.5 would correspond to seven pulses for two rotations. Fractional pulse rate encoders are often used in conveyor and web applications to simplify control system setup. Posital’s IXARC encoders make use of magnetic sensing and are available with IP66/67-rated environmental protection. With a wide variety of mechanical options available, including shaft type and diameter, flange and casing types, materials, and level of environmental protection, IXARC encoders are designed to fit into almost any system. Key performance characteristics can be selected by setting software parameters without mechanical changes. Fractional pulse rates can be set anywhere from 0.125 PPR to 8 PPR in steps of 0.125 PPR. Communication interfaces are programmable, with push-pull (HTL) or RS422 (TTL) outputs available.

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