Posital measuring wheel

March 11, 2024

Posital measuring wheels and accessories can be combined with IXARC encoders to measure linear motion in applications such as conveyer systems or the manufacture of rolled products. For many production processes, measurement of linear position or speed is what’s needed. Adding a measuring wheel produces a versatile tool for making these measurements. Wheel-encoder assemblies are designed to measure speed and position directly from a moving surface. For cut-to-length applications, measuring product position directly from the surface of materials such as fabric, paper, wire, or sheet metal can improve accuracy and reduce scrap losses. Posital’s measuring wheel-encoder combinations are designed to provide resolutions as fine as 0.1 mm/pulse for all available wheel sizes. Measuring wheels are available with circumferences of 200 mm, 500 mm, or 12 inches. Four rim treatments are available: knurled aluminum, smooth polyurethane and two tread patterns for the polyurethane tire. Posital also offers several spring-loaded mounting bracket and pivot arm assemblies designed to minimize slippage by maintaining a steady contact pressure between the wheel and a moving surface. Pivot arms can accommodate large lateral movements and feature adjustable spring tension for optimal contact pressure.

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