DIT-5200L noncontact differential impedance transducer

Jan. 6, 2023

The DIT-5200L noncontact differential impedance transducer offers true differential for common mode rejection. Capable of subnanometer resolution with high sensitivity (up to 10v/mil, 39 mV/μm) and outstanding linearity (up to 0.1% full range), this product provides a solution for a diverse set of applications that demand exacting precision.

The DIT-5200L is a fully analog product built to IPC A-160 Class 3 standards. The I/O is on a nine-pin mini-D connector, and the input power connections are reverse voltage protected.

The product’s signal conditioning electronics are packaged in a die cast aluminum box with MCX-style sensor connections, and the overall package size is 7.7 cubic inches. The product is CE marked when purchased in the original enclosure. The electronics can also be supplied as a bare PCB for installation inside the user’s enclosure, and custom configurations can be designed for OEM application requirements upon request.