High-speed cameras for the UV light spectrum

Oct. 12, 2023

Ametek’s Phantom high-speed cameras are designed to capture images in the extended light spectrum of ultraviolet (UV), visible and near-infrared (IR) wavelengths. The cameras, manufactured by Ametek’s Vision Research division, are designed to have more than 70% quantum efficiency (QE) at 300 nm, as well as at other points of the UV light spectrum. Phantom UV cameras implement a fused-silica cover material to allow penetration of UV wavelengths. The cover material is combined with specific Phantom Back Side Illuminated (BSI) sensor designs. Depending on the UV signal generated by the event, an intensifier may no longer be required. The UV-extended capability is available on the Phantom TMX Series (TMX 7510, 6410 and 5010), the T3610 and the T2410.

Ametek / www.phantomhighspeed.com