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Building IEC 62443-3-3 Certified Systems With Secure Industrial Computers

May 24, 2024
In IIoT, data from OT edge devices is sent to the IT cloud for analysis, guiding OT actions. With rising cloud cyberattacks, securing data is crucial. Discover how Moxa’s industrial computers offer a secure edge-computing solution.

In Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) setups, operational technology (OT) edge devices collect data sent to enterprise IT clouds for analysis. Insights gleaned guide OT systems' actions. However, with growing cloud cyber threats, securing data becomes paramount. Explore Moxa’s UC-8200 Series computers equipped with Moxa Industrial Linux 3.0 (MIL3), offering robust edge-computing security for IIoT environments. Safeguard your data and operations effectively against evolving cyber risks with Moxa’s advanced edge-computing solutions, no matter the size, scale, or industry.


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