Video: Validating Flow Meter Calibration

Sept. 13, 2013
FCI VeriCal In-Situ Calibration System Sets Benchmark in Process and Plant Air/Gas Flow Measurement Instrmentation

Source: Fluid Components Intl.

Flow meter calibration can often time be labor intensive, costly and challenging. Periodic field validation and verification of a flow meter's measurement performance is essential to ensure your system is working as optimal as possible.

Fluid Components Intl. (FCI) VeriCal In-Situ calibration system offers just this type solution for the ST100 Series flow meter. Within minutes, operators can remove the meter from the pipe or process, allowing them to effectively measure process validation and meet environmental regulation requirements. The calibration system replaces the hassles of removing a flow meter from a process, sending it to the manufacturer or calibration lab for tests, and then returning it back for re-installation.

The ST100 Series offers measurement, display and transmission solutions for 4-20 mA analog, frequency/pulse, alarm relays or digital bus communications such as HART, Fieldbus, Profibus or Modbus, according to FCI. The flow meter can adapt to any change or upgrade necessary with its plug-in card replacement.

ST100 Series LCD display shows process measurements and alarm status, and can run service diagnostics. With five calibration groups, the flow meter can handle larger flow ranges, different mixtures of the same and multiple gasses, and obtains up to 1000:1 turndown.

Learn more about the VeriCal In-Situ calibration system and the ST100 Series flow meter.

This video from FCI illustrates the VeriCal In-Situ calibration system for the ST100 Series flow meter: