Watch Video: Tekscan Sensors Measure Safety of Car Seat Position

April 22, 2013
'Bang Goes the Theory' Tests Science Theory, Analyzes Force and Pressure During Impact

Tekscan, manufacturer of ultra-thin sensors, and tactile pressure and force measurement systems, was recently featured on an episode of Bang Goes the Theory, for its Body Pressure Measurement System (BPMS).

Bang Goes the Theory is a show focused around science and technology that tests scientific theory to answer questions, overcome challenges and study global issues surrounding theories. Tekscan's BPMS was used in a crash test to determine if a seat that faces forward versus one that faces backwards in automotive vehicle is more safe for children under a certain age. A Tekscan sensor was placed in the carseat to analyze the force and pressure during impact.

A law in Sweden currently requires children of a certain age to ride backwards. Europe is reviewing whether they should change the law to increase the age limit from nine months to 4-5 year old. This video tests this theory: