New Power Electronics Video and Toolkit From Mersen

June 4, 2013
Power Electronics Bundling Solution Helps Maximize System Performance, Lower Total Costs and Reduce Time to Market

At the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Long Beach, Calif., earlier this year, Jean-François de Palma, PhD., vice president of research and development/power electronic specification at Mersen, gave a presentation on fuseology, dc application technology trends and the roles fuses play in providing high voltage, high power electronics protection solutions.

Mersen released the video of Dr. de Palma's presentation "High Voltage, High Power Electronics Protection by Fuses" in Mersen's Power Electronics Toolkit.

The toolkit focuses on the components of power electronics bundling. Mersen's power electronics bundling solution helps maximize system performance, lower total costs and reduce time to market. The bundling solution consists of fast-acting fuses and other electrical protection devices, a laminated bus bar and cooling system.

Check out the video and the Power Electronics Toolkit to learn more.