Good Day Tools Video Contest Promotes Clog Popper

April 29, 2013
New Product Clears Clogged Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Condensate Drain Lines
Source: Good Day Tools

Good Day Tools (GDT) and announced their sponsorship of the 2013 Clog Popper Video Contest. They are offering a $2500 cash prize and $500 gift certificate for to the person that uploads the best video onto the Internet about the new Clog Popper product.

The Clog Popper is a new tool developed by GDT to clear clogged air conditioning and refrigeration condensate drain lines. The contest will run May 1 to Sept. 1, and the winner will be announced within 30 days.

With the hand-operated device, which works much like a plunger, you simply insert the Clog Popper into the pipe to be cleared and then quickly pull it out with a pull of the hand. This creates a vacuum in front of the clog, and the pressure differential forces the clog out and allows water to run freely out the pipe. The device is designed for ¾ in. schedule 40 PVC pipe, a standard size in air conditioners, but it adjusts to fit other sizes.

"We want to show the effectiveness and simplicity of this innovative new device, and we thought a video contest would be a fun way to go," says Matt McFarland, co-owner of GDT.

Limited to two minutes in length, the videos should inform viewers on how the Clog Popper clears air conditioning and refrigeration condensate drains and make them want to learn more about the device. The winner will be determined based on overall artistic merit of the video as well as creativity, information quality, and humor.