HMS Industrial Networks' Netbiter Makes Eaton's UPS Systems Truly Uninterruptible

Jan. 27, 2012
HMS Industrial Networks highlights how remote management with Netbiter makes Eaton's UPS systems truly uninterruptible.

Businesses such as data centers, banks, hospitals and supermarkets need constant access to power. By implementing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), these businesses make sure that they always have an immediate back-up if the main power should fail. But how do you make sure that the back-up always is operational without physically visiting it every day? Eaton has found a way by using the Netbiter remote management solution from HMS Industrial Networks.

Eaton decided to package the Netbiter solution and offer this to their customers as a service called "Eaton SmartQmmunicator."

How does it work?

A Netbiter gateway is attached to the UPS using Eaton's own proprietary UPS communication protocol. It sends data via Ethernet or GSM/GPRS to the Netbiter Argos data center.

Through the Netbiter Argos web interface, the Eaton service teams and their end customers have web-based access to all UPS parameters. This information gives the service technicians a very good idea what to look for when visiting customer sites. The web-based access also allows the service team to troubleshoot remotely, solving problems quicker and only going to the site when it is really needed.

Better control and reduced carbon footprint

"You can really improve the way you manage your service teams," said Fabio Mazzà, EMEA Services Product Manager at Eaton's Power Quality division. "You get a much better knowledge of your installations and know what to look for beforehand, which is a big help as a service technician. You can also reduce your team's travelling and cut down on CO² emissions, which is very important to us."

Learn more about Eaton's SmartQmmunicator by reading the full case study here.