Buying Automation Made Easier With Complimentary Report

Aug. 11, 2011
How do I know which products will work best for my application? Find out.

The Journal From Rockwell Automation and Our Partners magazine offers a complimentary interactive PDF that describes how the Rockwell Automation product selection and system configuration tools can help manufacturers choose and apply Allen-Bradley products. These tools — ProposalWorks, Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB) and Motion Analyzer — are also compatible with many technologies from Rockwell Automation Encompass Product Partners.

The configuration and selection tools are for anyone who wants to identify hardware or software to create a valid configuration with Rockwell Automation products for a sales order. This includes Authorized Allen-Bradley Distributors, local Rockwell Automation sales engineers, OEM sales engineers, system integrators or a manufacturer’s own engineer.

The free tools can help answer questions such as, "How do I know which products will work best for my application?" and "Which technologies will integrate with each other and my system?"

For more information, download the free interactive PDF at