The Widget Instrument


By Cores Electronic

Oct 12, 2010

With its Widget Instrument, Cores Electronic is taking advantage of WiFi tag technology as well as the latest developments in Internet technology to introduce an entirely new concept in the way we perform measurement and analysis.

The Widget Instrument on Facebook

The Widget Instrument is a small measurement application that can be installed and executed within a web page. The widget gets data from a Cloud Instrument and either displays the value as it is or it applies processing on the data before display. The unique features of the Widget Instrument are small size and embedded in a web page, media site or iPhone/Android/Blackberry/etc. device user interface.

See the Temperature and Voltage Widget instruments below displaying live temperature and voltage measurements. These measurements are  acquired at 5sec intervals from the tag identified by MAC: 0012B800217E and located in theiroffice in Austin TX, USA.

Temp Widget Instrument


Ch AI0 Widget Instrument

The Widget Instrument is available for purchase at Price: $190 covers 1pc Tag4M WiFi tag and the Widget Instrument source files to be installed in your server.