Festo Helps OEMs Comply With International Safety Standards

Source: ControlDesign.com

Dec 12, 2013

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For several years, Festo has been assembling a range of downloadable materials on international safety standards and procedures designed to help OEMs accurately comply with machine and system safety guidelines.

"Conformance to international safety standards opens the door to sales to multinationals and sales in international markets," said Richard Huss, CEO of Festo U.S. "The issue becomes how to cost effectively engineer safety while navigating a complex series of international standards. Festo's compilation of safety related material is designed to place a host of valuable, web-based information at the disposal of OEM engineering and safety personnel."

The "Safety Engineering Guidelines Pneumatic and Electric Solutions" brochure covers directives and standards, safety functions utilizing product examples, and training and consulting options, according to Festo. Product directives in the catalogs are tangible for design engineering teams. 

The "Evaluation and Assessment of Safety Measures" poster displays information on risk assessment criteria, designated architectures, common cause failures, mean time to failures, and covers EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 61508, 61511, and 62061.

The "Machine Safety 101 – Guidelines for Meeting Machine Safety Directive EN ISO 13849-1" webinar is a 45-min presentation, followed by a 10-min. Q&A. Frank Langro, director of marketing and product management for Festo, gives an overview of safety standards and presents a series of strategies for determining safety levels.

The "Essential Aspects of Machine Safety" creaetd by Control Design magazine discusses a seven step process for meeting key ISO/IEC machine safety standards

The "Product Life Cycle" brochure is a case study of how an international automation components and systems supplier develops test conditions, MTTF assessments, nominal service life expectancies, safety engineering and total productive maintenance.