IDS Introduces USB 3.0 Camera with Sony IMX174

By Erin Massey

Oct 23, 2014

IDS Imaging Development System GmbH announced today that it will be among the first machine vision camera manufacturers to fully unleash the performance of the new Sony IMX174, 2.3 megapixel CMOS sensor.

This new USB 3.0 camera was on display for first time at Vision 2014 in Woburn, Mass., October 22, 2014, and will also be on display at the Vision 2014 Conference in Stuttgart, Germany, November 4-6.

Equipped with image sensors, this new IDS camera model delivers imaging performance previously unattainable by CMOS-based cameras in terms of high sensitivity, high dynamic range, low fixed pattern noise, and highly accurate color reproduction.

CD1410VendorNotesIDSPaired with image transmission rates achieving up to 170 fps, the UI-3060CP camera is well-suited for high frame rate imaging under extreme low-light conditions, as well as in applications where images of rapidly moving objects must be captured with sharp edge detail and exceptionally high image quality. Available in both monochrome or color versions, and housed in a highly robust, compact, 29 x 29 mm magnesium enclosure, the UI-3060CP is a great solution for a broad range of applications in both industrial and non-industrial environments.
The IDS Software Suite V4.6 (SDK) fully leverages the advanced features of the Sony IMX174 sensor whether it operates under Windows or Linux, and it helps simplify software integration with the UI-3060CP camera.  Simplifying software integration also includes hot pixel correction, adjustable pixel rate for multi-camera configurations, high dynamic range (HDR) mode, multi-AOI, long exposure, line scan mode and more.
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