Hannover Messe attendees get sneak peek of Eplan Platform 2.5

Source: EPLAN Software & Services LLC

Apr 13, 2015

At the Hannover Messe industrial fair this week, users will get a first look at the Eplan Platform 2.5, which is scheduled for release September 2015. A new navigator facilitates the creation and editing of electrical and fluid power engineering macros, which expedites template creation and simplifies standardization. The expanded terminal editor and simplified cable planning for machines/plants with Eplan FieldSys make designing even more convenient.

Revision management in the Eplan Platform is an important part of the engineering process – especially when various disciplines, including electrical and fluid power engineering, are working in one database. One central challenge is managing various levels of revision within a project.

According to Eplan, the new Eplan Platform 2.5 offers page and area-specific revision management; project areas such as functional structures, location definitions and disciplines can be independently revised, meaning that changes remain transparent throughout the entire process and for all project participants at all times.

Macros are an efficient approach for standardization. With variant and placeholder technology, Eplan explains that users can simply add partial circuits to an overall project. The new macro navigator facilitates management of this process: macros can be worked on in a tree diagram or within a table – even with multiple selections.

Macro variants and different representation types can also be more easily viewed in context, and  be quickly and easily selected. Furthermore, Version 2.5 also allows management of several names per macro, reducing the need to create article-specific macros because one macro can now be used for several parts.

To learn more, visit Eplan online.