Lantech uses collaborative automation to bridge machines, human judgment

Source: Lantech

Aug 25, 2016

Lantech has released an improved design of the ProfitPack to the U.S. market. According to Lantech, the ProfitPack is a packing system comprised of Lantech's case erector and sealer, connected by a hand packing station to create a collaborative packaging system.

Collaborative automation uses machines to do what they do best – automatically erect and seal cases on demand. And leaves what people do best to the operator – exercise expert human judgment when packing products into cases. When products are irregular or complex sometimes conventional pick and place automation doesn't work or is too expensive.

"The ProfitPack fills an overlooked need within those small to midsize companies who want the cost savings and process improvement of automation, without eliminating the human touch," said Mike Castelli, Lantech's director of global business development for case handling equipment. 

The ProfitPack gives the operator control of the entire system. The case erector makes properly formed, square cases and automatically delivers them to the pack station. The operator inspects the products that are delivered by the integrated product conveyor, and once packed the operator releases the case to the sealing unit by a touch of the shutter release. 

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