Shuster Corporation celebrates 100 years in business

Source: Shuster Corporation

Jun 23, 2016

Shuster Corporation, provider of bearings and power transmission products and a division of Motion Industries, is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

"Not many companies can celebrate having been in business for 100 years," said Michael Pelehach, president of Shuster Corporation. "When you analyze what it is that has kept us viable over the years, it isn’t the products we sell or the processes we follow – it’s about the people that we hire. We have been blessed to have a long history of exceptional people working for Shuster Corporation. Our people care, and that is a pretty strong foundation to build a business on."

Tim Breen, Motion Industries' president and CEO, added: "We certainly congratulate all at Shuster Corporation for reaching this truly remarkable milestone. The Shuster team's unwavering commitment to service excellence has definitely contributed to the company's growth throughout the years. We're proud that Shuster is part of the Motion family, and look forward to another, even more successful 100 years."

Shuster is based in New Bedford, Mass. 

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