Machine Programming Made Easy with Lenze Fast Winder Technology Module

Specializing in motion centric automation, Lenze offers a range of fast technology modules that incorporate knowledge gained over many decades of industry experience.  Providing machine programmers with a standardized function block, the Winder Technology Module is easily integrated, without manually entering PLCopen modules into the program code.  Many machine electronic and mechanical structures are already modularized, while most application software lags behind which adds time and complexity to machine software engineering.  Lenze technology modules provide a flexible and uniform programming structure to reduce and streamline machine control engineering.

Lenze Fast Technology Modules incorporate multiple basic drive tasks, including feeding, unwinding, cross cutting/sealing and conveying.  Winding and unwinding are commonly required machine tasks.  The Fast Winder Technology Module enables manual jogging, homing, and positioning, among other standard drive functions.  Since every material and winding process is unique, Lenze offers various module extensions to meet different winding drive requirements, such as sensor, dancer, tension and traction control.

CD1411Lenze FAST
Product Type:
Lenze/AC Technology