AutomationDirect Micro HMI touch panels

Two micro touch panels have been added to the C-more line. The EA3-S3ML 3-in micro touch panel has a 3.1-in STN LCD monochrome display and 12 selectable LED-driven backlight colors. It features a 128 x 64 pixel display and five user-defined function keys with red LED indicators. The panel can display up to 10 lines by 32 characters of static text and up to 10 lines by 21 characters of dynamic text with embedded variables and phrases mixed with graphics. The EA3-T4CL 4-in widescreen micro touch panel has a 4.3-in TFT LCD 480 x 272 pixel display (WQVGA) and a palette of 32K colors for customizing objects, screen backgrounds and displaying bitmap graphics.

AD C more micro EA3 panels 250
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