Phoenix Contact Real-time control and remote I/O

Axioline (AXL) is a high-speed, remote I/O system that supports common industrial protocols (EtherNet/IP, Profinet, Modbus/TCP, Sercos, EtherCAT and Profibus). It includes both a modular remote I/O system for control cabinets (Axioline F) and a high-speed block I/O system for IP67 machine-mount applications (Axioline E). Axioline F features push-in technology for tool-free installation. Station configuration is easy via the Startup+ configuration and monitoring tool. Axioline E uses the M12 Speedcon fast-locking system to save installation time. A single cable can supply all voltages with 2 x 12 A current, which helps to reduce cabling costs and installation time.

Phoenix Contact Axio 250
Product Type:
Remote I/O
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