AutomationDirect Extended-range ac-powered proximity sensors

V3 series ac-powered inductive proximity sensors are available in 8-, 12-, 18- and 30-mm sizes. Extended sensing distances for these sensors range from 2 mm shielded and 4 mm unshielded for 8-mm sensors to 12 mm shielded and 18-mm unshielded for 30-mm sensors. The sensors operate on 20-250 Vac/Vdc input voltage with N.O. and N.C. output options available. The sensors are short circuit-protected and have a yellow LED status indicator that is output-energized. Axial cable and ½-in micro ac quick-disconnect models are available, and all sensors are IP67 protection-rated. The sensors are cULus-approved, CE-marked and RoHS-and REACH-compliant.