Beckhoff Automation EtherCAT terminals for process control and mains and power monitoring

EL34x3 series EtherCAT terminals are designed for advanced power measurement and mains monitoring. The EL3443 three-phase terminal is universally suitable for all process control tasks. It offers mains monitoring functionality, precise determination of zero voltage crossing and harmonics analysis and is suitable for dc systems. The EL3453 three-phase terminal measures voltages up to 690 Vac and focuses on demanding process control tasks. The EL3423 three-phase power measurement terminal is intended for cost-sensitive energy management solutions, especially in IoT applications. It measures energy, power and a mains quality factor. The EL3483 three-phase mains monitoring terminal for voltage, frequency and phase monitors the power supply to a machine.

Beckhoff Energy Management Terminals 250
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Terminal Blocks
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