FSG Fernsteuergeräte Two-axis tilt sensor for mobile machinery

The two-axis inclinometers from the PE-MEMS-x/y-i/GS60L series measure x and y axes’ tilt angles up to ±60°. Measured values for each inclination axis are transmitted via a 4–20 mA output. Featuring a wear-free micro-electromechanical measuring system, an IP67-rated plastic housing and easy connection via a four-pin M12 plug, the tilt sensor is suitable for use in mobile machinery. It offers 3,000 digits/16-mA resolution and ±0,25° accuracy. The operating temperature range is -30 to 70 °C. The sensor case with a 50 x 50 mm footprint is 35 mm high including the central M12 connector. It has four M4 screws holes for mounting.

FSG Neigungssensor 250
Measurement and Sensing
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FSG Fernsteuergeräte