Omron Microscan Barcode readers

The HS-360X and the MicroHawk ID-45 barcode readers are optimized to capture the direct part marks (DPMs) on all types of surfaces. Curved, shiny and irregular substrates pose no problems for the X-Mode decoding algorithms inside the readers. Decoding speed is rapid-fire for dot-peened, laser-etched and ink-jetted codes regardless of size, density or contrast. Built to last in harsh work environments, the shock-resistant HS-360X is waterproof, dust-proof and capable of withstanding multiple drops to concrete. Operators have increased flexibility and easy setup through WebLinkPC. WebLink also is behind the ID-45’s intuitive plug-and-play setup. The reader’s array of 24 LEDs makes it brighter than previous MicroHawk generations.

Omron Microscan ID 45 250
Machine Vision
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Omron Industrial Automation