Fluid Components Intl. Thermal mass air/gas flowmeters with Modbus

The extended lines of ST51A and ST75A flowmeters include a Modbus option. They combine surface-mount, lead-free RoHS-compliant electronics with accurate and repeatable all-welded, equal-mass flow sensors. They have no moving parts. The Modbus option meets the EIA/TIA-485 standard and provides mass flow rate, totalized flow and temperature data. Transmission mode is via RTU or ASCII with standard MS (16 bit), standard LS (16 bit) or Daniel extensions (32 bit). They can be used with single-function PLCs, pilot plant projects, large SCADA systems and complex plant DCS systems. In addition to Modbus, they provide dual 4-20 mA, NAMUR NE43-compliant analog outputs and a 500-Hz pulse output.

FCI ST51A ST75A 250
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