Phoenix Contact Compact M12 connectors and cables for high-power applications

These M12 power cables and connectors make it easy to power drive motors, fans, lighting and other distributed control boxes, even in tight spaces. The UL-listed products were tested under UL 2237 and can handle currents up to 16 A or voltages up to 600 Vac/63 Vdc. The full M12 power range includes cable assemblies, field-wireable connectors and panel-mounted receptacles with a quick-disconnect system. Because they are designed for a common 16-mm panel knockout, these additions help to simplify panel upgrades. The M12 connectors come in both shielded and unshielded versions and are available in five codings (T and L for dc and S, K and M for ac) to prevent mismating.

Phoenix Contact M12 Power 250
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