FDT2 Specification Provides Enhanced Security and Improved Performance

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FDT Technology is an international technical standard developed to standardize the communication and configuration interface between smart field devices and their host systems by providing a common environment for access to the features of the smart devices. With over 5,500 devices supported by certified FDT DTM's and installations worldwide, FDT is recognized by standards organizations such as IEC 62453, ISA103, CENELEC and soon China GB/T. The new FDT2 standard is built on Microsoft .NET technology and incorporates a host of new features – several at the request of users. Enhancements to the standard have been done while maintaining full backward compatibility with previous versions, allowing end-users to make their own decision regarding the pace of migration to FDT2.

FDT2 standard includes many enhancements in several areas including security and improved performance. Learn how FDT2 provides users of both process and factory automation systems access to intelligent device and network information in a single, robust and field-proven environment.