Hand Scraping Sets the Foundation for CNC Machining Accuracy and Long-Term Stability

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Hand scraping is a practice that has lost its luster for many machine tool builders. Because of the associated costs in time and maintaining skilled labor, it's an art that has largely been abandoned. At Okuma however, hand scraping is meticulously performed on every machine we build. That's because there's no substitute for hand scraping when it comes to maintaining high levels of CNC machining accuracy and sustaining a long, stable and productive life for your machine.

Every Okuma is hand scraped on each mating surface – involving six or more of the machine’s components. The craftsmen who perform hand scraping are carefully trained, and tap into their experienced, intuitive sense of how to fine-tune the unique characteristics of each individual machine. Why go to all this trouble? Because there's no better way to ensure that tight tolerances are maintained consistently, and that this level of CNC machining performance will be sustained for years to come. As for lifetime cost of ownership – highly productive machines that last a long time always yield the lowest cost-per-part.