Machine Guarding / Sensors

How to make the right safety and sensing decisions

Our expert panel guides you through step-by-step considerations when it comes to presence sensing and machine guarding.

By Mike Bacidore, editor in chief

Safety and presence sensing are key considerations in machine design. This six-person panel of safety and sensor veterans addresses some of the important points that must be addressed.

From deciding between a mechanical guard or a light curtain or laser presence sensor to determining the proper distance between a light curtain and pinch or danger areas, these individuals know their way around a safe machine, and they share their expertise in this assessment of what’s needed to reduce risk and boost production at the same time.

Meet the panel of experts


Zachary Stank

Zachary Stank is product marketing specialist—safety, I/O and networks, Phoenix Contact USA.

Lee Burk hi res

Lee Burk is training manager, Pilz USA.

Matt Miller

Matthew M. Miller is machine safety specialist, FS engineer, ABB Jokab Safety

CD 1606 Roberta Nelson Shea headshot  

Roberta Nelson Shea is global marketing manager, safety components, Rockwell Automation.

Lauren Backhaus  

Lauren Backhaus is product specialist—components, safety switches and relays, Omron Automation and Safety.

Chris Gerges Photo  

Chris Gerges is CEO, Safe-T-Sense.

Devin Murray hi res  

Devin Murray is functional safety engineer, Schmersal USA.









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