Machine Guarding


Safety Components

Functional-safety requirements dictate conveyor systems

From pinch point guarding to training: key methods for ensuring conveyor safety
Safety Components

Safety in engineering and operations

The importance of training workers for machine operation
Presence Sensing

3 trends shaping cobot developments

How miniaturization, one-cable solutions and sensors enable adaptation in low-volume, high-mix manufacturing environments
Machine Guarding

Reduce downtime with machine safety

How advanced safety technology minimizes the impact of external factors and keeps machines running smoothly
Compliance For Robots In Collaborative And Other Applications

Compliance for robots in collaborative and other applications

Finding common ground in a world of numerous environments.
Machine Guarding

How to make the right safety and sensing decisions

Our expert panel guides you through step-by-step considerations when it comes to presence sensing and machine guarding.
Safety Components

Norstat Programmable access control barrier

The Safegate Type 4 programmable muting light barrier protects personnel working in applications in which the movement of goods occurs
Machine Guarding

IDEC Safety interlock switch

The HS1T interlock switch with solenoid delivers 5,000 N of locking force
Machine Guarding

AutomationDirect Safety mats, edges and bumpers

Safety mats, edges and bumpers from ASO Safety Solutions are used to protect people and machinery from harm
Machine Guarding

Pilz Safe guard locking and safe interlock

The secure safety gate system PSENmlock provides safe interlocking and safe guard locking for personnel and process protection up to safety category PL e